Feeld Review 2024: The Ultimate App for Open Relationships & Kink

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What is Feeld?

When I first stumbled upon Feeld, I quickly realized it wasn’t your average dating app. Diving deeper, I discovered that Feeld prides itself on being an inclusive platform designed for individuals and couples looking to explore non-traditional relationships. This app stands out by encouraging its members to discover their sexuality and relationship desires in a safe, non-judgmental environment, making it a unique player in the crowded dating app scene.

Feeld caters to a wide range of sexual orientations and preferences, making it a haven for those interested in polyamory, kink, and everything in between. What truly sets it apart is its commitment to privacy and anonymity. Users can sign up using different identities, ensuring that they can explore their desires without fear of exposure. This level of discretion is something I’ve found to be uncommon in other dating platforms.

What’s more, the app’s design and functionality facilitate easy navigation and interaction amongst its users. With its straightforward interface, finding matches based on specific desires and interests is a breeze. This eliminates the awkwardness often associated with starting conversations about unconventional relationship dynamics.

Feeld also places a strong emphasis on consent and open communication, which is crucial in the context of non-traditional relationships. This ethos is embedded within the app’s culture, making it a safe space for exploration and connection. In my experience, this focus on respect and understanding significantly enhances the overall user experience, setting Feeld apart from its competitors.

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In terms of numbers, here’s a breakdown of some key statistics about Feeld:

Feature Statistic
User Base Over 2 million worldwide
Gender Diversity 40% female, 50% male, 10% other
Paid Subscription Yes, with added features

What’s clear from these figures and my personal experience is that Feeld is not just another app in the digital dating ecosystem. It’s a community that champions freedom, privacy, and exploration.

Features of Feeld

Exploring the features of Feeld has been an enlightening experience for me, revealing just how thoughtfully designed this app is for those who are venturing beyond the traditional paradigms of dating and relationships. The developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that it serves as a safe and inclusive platform for all its users.

Privacy and Anonymity stand out significantly. In my journey through Feeld, I’ve noticed the integral role these elements play in maintaining a secure space for exploration. Users can link their profiles with a partner, thereby promoting transparency among those involved, yet they also have the option to remain anonymous. This duality offers a tailored experience that respects the user’s personal comfort level.

The app’s Desire Tags feature impressively simplifies the process of finding matches that share your specific interests or kinks. By selecting tags that resonate with my preferences, I’ve streamlined my search, making it less daunting to find like-minded individuals or couples.

Feeld’s commitment to creating an Inclusive Environment is evident through its wide range of gender and sexual orientation options, earning my appreciation for its efforts to welcome everyone. It’s refreshing to see an app that doesn’t just pay lip service to inclusivity but actively embraces it.

The Majestic Membership, Feeld’s premium subscription, offers intriguing benefits such as seeing who likes you and an incognito mode. While the basic features of Feeld are impressive on their own, I’ve found that this added layer enhances the experience substantially by giving me more control over my interactions and visibility.

In terms of User Interface and Experience, Feeld has nailed down a fluid and intuitive design. Navigating through the app, setting up my profile, and communicating with other members has been seamless. It’s clear that the developers have prioritized function alongside form, striking a balance that makes engaging with the app a pleasure.

In sum, my dive into the features of Feeld reveals a platform that doesn’t just understand the needs of its diverse community but anticipates them. Whether it’s through safeguarding privacy, fostering connections based on mutual desires, or ensuring a welcoming space for all, Feeld distinctly positions itself as a leader in the realm of inclusive dating apps.

How does Feeld work?

Navigating the world of dating apps can be a dizzying experience, but Feeld simplifies this journey with its straightforward and user-friendly interface. Once I downloaded the app and completed the initial sign-up process, I embarked on a unique exploration of connecting with individuals and couples who share similar interests and desires. My experience revealed a platform that is not only about matching but also about fostering a community where openness and communication reign supreme.

Feeld operates on a basic yet effective principle: connecting open-minded individuals. After setting up my profile, which included selecting my interests from an array of Desire Tags, I found the app’s algorithm intelligently suggesting potential matches that resonated with my specified preferences. These tags cover a broad spectrum from polyamory to kink, ensuring that everyone can pinpoint exactly what they’re seeking. The more precise your tags, the more tailored your match suggestions become.

The process of interacting with others on Feeld is refreshingly respectful and straightforward. When I found someone I was curious about, sending a like and waiting for it to be reciprocated was all it took to open the doors to messaging. This mutual consent aspect not only filters out unwanted messages but also aligns with the app’s strong stance on respect and consent.

One thing that significantly enhances the Feeld experience is the Majestic Membership. While not mandatory, this paid subscription elevates the user experience by offering features like seeing who liked your profile and incognito mode, providing that extra layer of privacy and control.

In my journey through Feeld, the intersection of privacy, inclusivity, and freedom of expression created a unique platform where I could explore my desires safely. The blend of an intuitive interface with robust features for privacy and connectivity makes Feeld stand out in the crowded digital dating space.

The Benefits of Using Feeld

Exploring the digital dating landscape, I’ve found that Feeld stands out for its inclusive and open-minded approach to relationships and sexual exploration. One of the key benefits of using Feeld is its commitment to privacy and anonymity. In an age where digital privacy is a growing concern, Feeld ensures that my identity and activities remain private, allowing me to explore my desires without fear of judgement or exposure.

Another significant advantage is the Desire Tags feature. It’s ingeniously simple yet profoundly effective. By tagging my profile with specific interests and desires, I’ve been able to connect with like-minded individuals with ease. This targeted approach has not only saved me time but also enhanced the quality of my matches and interactions.

Feeld’s community is nothing short of diverse. The app welcomes a wide range of sexual orientations and identities, making it a beacon for those who might not fit the traditional molds. Here are some stats that highlight this diversity:

Gender Percentage
Female 40%
Male 50%
Other 10%

The emphasis on consent and open communication fosters a respectful and safe environment for all users. Coupled with the fluid and intuitive user interface, navigating Feeld has been a hassle-free experience for me. Whether it’s modifying my profile or chatting with a potential match, everything feels streamlined and efficient.

Opting for the Majestic Membership has unlocked even more doors for me. Features like incognito mode and seeing who liked my profile have given me an edge, making my experience on Feeld even more rewarding. It’s a testament to how Feeld values not just the connections made on the app, but also the user experience.

In essence, Feeld has redefined what it means to explore relationships and sexuality digitally. Its blend of privacy, inclusivity, and robust features make it a standout platform for anyone looking to venture beyond the conventional.

Tips for Success on Feeld

Navigating the waters of a dating app like Feeld requires a bit of finesse and strategy, particularly because it caters to a specific audience with unique dating preferences. I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way that have significantly improved my experience on the platform.

Firstly, completeness and honesty in your profile can’t be overstated. Given Feeld’s emphasis on privacy and anonymity, there’s a natural tendency to leave some details vague. However, I’ve found that being open about what I’m looking for while respecting my privacy boundaries leads to more meaningful connections. Using Desire Tags effectively allows others to gauge our compatibility at a glance.

Engagement is key. It’s easy to swipe right and then forget about it, but the real magic happens in conversations. I make it a point to initiate conversation with a personalized message that shows I’ve really read their profile. It sets the tone for a respectful and engaging interaction. Remember, quality over quantity always fares better in the long run.

Another aspect I pay close attention to is setting clear boundaries and communication expectations early on. Feeld’s environment thrives on the principles of consent and open dialogue. Addressing what I am comfortable with and open to exploring has fostered healthier and more fulfilling engagements on the app.

Lastly, making use of Feeld’s Majestic Membership can enhance the experience significantly. Features like seeing who liked your profile and using the incognito mode add a layer of depth to your strategy, allowing for a more targeted and discreet approach.

Each of these tips has, in its way, contributed to my successes on Feeld. By putting in that extra effort to be genuine, respectful, and clear about my intentions, I’ve managed to connect with like-minded individuals in a way that feels both rewarding and secure.


Exploring the world of non-traditional relationships has never been easier thanks to Feeld. I’ve found that its commitment to privacy, diversity, and open communication sets it apart in the crowded dating app landscape. Whether you’re delving into polyamory, kink, or just looking for something different, Feeld’s inclusive environment and intuitive design make it a standout choice. The Desire Tags and Majestic Membership are game-changers, offering a tailored experience that genuinely respects user preferences. My journey on Feeld has been enlightening, proving that meaningful connections are possible when you’re in a space that values honesty and consent. For anyone navigating the complexities of modern dating, Feeld offers a refreshing and empowering platform to explore your desires with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feeld?

Feeld is a dating app designed for open-minded individuals interested in exploring non-traditional relationships. It caters to those interested in polyamory, kink, and alternative sexual preferences, providing a platform for users to discover their sexuality and relationship desires in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Who can use Feeld?

Anyone over the age of 18 looking to explore alternative sexualities and relationship styles is welcome to use Feeld. The app supports a wide range of sexual orientations and preferences, promoting a diverse and inclusive community.

How does Feeld prioritize privacy and anonymity?

Feeld places a high emphasis on privacy and anonymity, allowing users to navigate the app and connect with others without fear of judgment. Features like incognito mode available with Majestic Membership enhance privacy, ensuring user information is protected.

What are Desire Tags on Feeld?

Desire Tags are a feature on Feeld that allows users to tag their interests and desires, facilitating the connection with like-minded individuals. This feature helps users find potential matches who share similar interests or kinks, making the search for companions more focused and efficient.

What is the Majestic Membership on Feeld?

The Majestic Membership is a paid subscription on Feeld that offers added features such as incognito mode and the ability to see who liked your profile. This premium option enhances the user experience by providing additional tools for privacy and connection.

Who makes up Feeld’s user base?

Feeld has over 2 million users worldwide, with a gender diversity of 40% female, 50% male, and 10% identifying as other. This blend reflects the app’s inclusive environment, catering to a wide range of gender identities and sexual orientations.

How can one be successful on Feeld?

Success on Feeld can be achieved by being complete and honest in your profile, engaging in meaningful conversations, clearly setting boundaries and communication expectations, and considering the Majestic Membership for a more targeted and discreet approach to finding matches.

What makes Feeld different from other dating apps?

Feeld stands out by focusing on providing a non-judgmental platform for individuals interested in non-traditional relationships. Its commitment to privacy, anonymity, consent, and open communication, along with features like Desire Tags and the diverse and inclusive community it fosters, sets it apart from other dating apps.



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